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One box of Energize gives you the same amount of energy as 14 bottles of energy shots!

Caffeinated drinks provide only a temporary boost of energy; after an hour, energy levels crash — leaving you more fatigued than you were before. Energize is a proprietary blend of natural, premium ingredients that work with your body's natural ability to support safe, long-lasting energy. One dose of Energize provides energy for your day.

With Energize, there are no Jitters, no Sugar Crash, no Bitter Taste at less than half the cost of most energy drinks.

Research from the Ohio Research Group. has shown that not only can Energize naturally help boost energy levels for an extended period of time, but a single dose (just two tablets) of Energize caused an increase in the resting metabolic rate (the rate your body burns calories at rest) by 11 to 15% above baseline. This is roughly the equivalent of burning the calories from an entire meal. Notably, the metabolic rate was stimulated even more at the two-hour mark. Even more importantly, in this double-blind, placebo-controlled study, there were no changes in heart rate, blood pressure, or POMS noted between the trials, which means the Energize pill is as safe as the placebo.

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